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Photo cred: Teddy L. Friedline

FAIRY PIECE (n.) – a chess piece not used in conventional chess but incorporated into certain chess variants and some chess problems.

FAIRY PIECE MAG is a literary magazine based on the idea of the fairy chess piece – the creation of new rules to circumvent old ones, bending or superseding the existing oppressive structures. FAIRY PIECE means:

  • the unconventional
  • altered / unique / custom forms
  • weird things
  • flash forms, whether fiction or not
  • nonpoetic forms used in poetry (or other things…?)
  • diagrams
  • visual poetry (or fiction? or nonfiction?)
  • manipulation of language
  • translations & bilingual/multilingual lit
  • gay, queer, trans, what-have-your
  • chess. of course. chess.

we disregard genre, or we accept all of them. we want your dazzling things, your problems with no solutions and your solutions with no problems, your things you don’t think you can send anywhere else. if they’re about chess, awesome. if not, groovy. send them to us. we love them already.

while we’re at it, here is a list of other things / people / magazines that we like:

  • federico garcía lorca
  • richard siken
  • hilma af klint
  • underblong
  • chen chen
  • astronomy
  • the mountain goats
  • cicadas
  • sam sax
  • brainpickings
  • toni morrison
  • paul tran
  • rebecca harrison
  • frank o’hara
  • ampersands

also, here is a list of things we don’t like. pls don’t send us these.

  • misogyny
  • gore
  • homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, aphobia, et al.
  • racism
  • body horror
  • graphic descriptions of violence, especially sexual violence

we are currently: closed! for submissions.

please follow the submission guideline below when submissions are open.

send no more than 5 pages of work, in word doc form, to tell us their genre, or don’t. we like it both ways. if sending a word doc is a problem for you & your work for any reason, drop us a note. we’re flexible & pretty nice.

in your email, please include a cover letter including the titles of your pieces and a brief third-person bio. please also include your social media handles, so we can keep up with what you’re doing, plug you properly, etc.

we do accept simultaneous submissions – please note which works have been submitted elsewhere in your cover letter, & if one of your pieces gets accepted elsewhere, please reply to your submission email informing us as much. we’ll be happy for you. we promise.

we ask for first north american serial rights when we publish your work. it remains yours, though; rights revert to you upon publication. please just credit FAIRY PIECE MAG if your work gets published elsewhere (yay!). sorry, but we only take unpublished work.

if we accept your work, yay! please wait a full submission cycle before submitting again – i.e. if you’re published in a summer issue, please wait until the next summer to submit again. if we reject your work, it’s not personal. please wait until the next issue to submit again – i.e., if you’re rejected for a summer issue, you can submit again for the winter issue. in both cases, we’d love to see more of your work, and we’d like to give a chance to have many voices heard.

FAIRY PIECE publishes biannually on the solstices – a summer issue released on June 21 and a winter issue released December 21.

additionally & very unfortunately, while we hope to someday be able to pay contributors, at this time we are unable to do so. we will rep you on social media when cool things happen to you, though, into perpetuity.

we try to be pretty quick in returning submissions, but we’re human, too. if you haven’t heard back from us in a month or so, feel free to query by replying to your email submission.

& most of all: don’t send us things when we’re not open for submissions. for real. you’ll go on our no-no list. pls hold onto your dazzling items until we open. it won’t be long. we promise.

send your things to!

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