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Jem Zero

Nostalgic Pastel

i try to remember how my wife takes her cereal
she prefers the milk just a little above
the surface, whereas
i like it just

honey smacks don’t taste
the same as when she was a kid

she says i have a cute moustache and
likes my chin fat because it
is a part of me
i tell her that there’s a piece of chunky
glitter on her eyelid
catching light every time she blinks

i let laundry pile up and frustrate her, frustrate
her with how i choose to tackle the chaos
when she sleeps she drools on
my nightgown

if love is clipping her toenails whenever
they get too long because long
nails gross me out

then what do you call it when she’s exhausted from
carrying her own shadow and i
ask her to carry mine, too

Jem Zero (ze/zir) is a disabled transmasc whose work strives to communicate the frustration of being limited by one’s meatsack & brainjuice, while also being unapologetically queer. Ze has nonfiction personal essays published with Gertrude Press, the Thinx Blog, and Argot Magazine. As far as art goes, ze primarily works in digital portraiture, focusing on pets and loved ones.

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