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Sarah Wallis

Winter Postcard

Here the echo
of kittiwakes call lovers loud,
stowed in the harbour castle

ramparts, gannet pairs aimed
summer gold, their arrowheads,
at the ocean bed, now weak

winter sun hits the empty
seasprays of rainbow, where
the cold bites into your bones,

even when the seasons turn.

Here, is a long, cold, call
to the curve of the earth,
a far, blue, slick line of salt –

a moonlit path to Norway.

Send love,

while time’s enough.

Sarah Wallis (she/her) lives by the sea on the East Coast of Scotland, UK and publishes cross genre. Highlights include the staging of her works The Rain King and Laridae, poetry in The Yorkshire Poetry Anthology, art in Feral and flash @EllipsisZine. Chapbooks include Medusa Retold, Precious Mettle and How to Love the Hat Thrower.

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