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Sarah Wallis

Four Gold Hats

Dated to the Late Bronze Age, four gold hats of conical, comical, shape and hammered in gold alloy were found across Europe. Traced motifs in bands of buckles, discs and crescent shapes engraved above almond eyes. Made with stamps and wheels to calendar, both lunar and solar citations.

Possibly made as insignia for deities priests, in the context of an un-gendered sun cult… (Sun cults have been found in every culture. Every historian wants to find one. Everybody wants to be in one, to lie down on a beach and commit to the worship of Ra. Or whoever.Everybody. Even in a time of skin cancer scares. Watch that sundial. Don’t go out between 11 and 2.)

But who is it really that needs to know the month’s circle, the next twenty-eight days of the moon’s cycle? And who would wear the elaborate gold leaf covering of a long conical brimmed headdress, reminiscent of bridal attire? (Majority of cultures.)

Four hats they found and no more. Most in good condition. One buried alone. One with three axes. One of unknown provenance. The Berliner Goldhuf. Thought to have been buried upright, surrounded by ashes and soil for protection. What was it, the Death of a Sun Cult? Trod out by fear of heathens insulting a monotheist culture? Or fear of female knowledge, each of their own time to menstruate? Marking time, counting towards the date, worshipping (nameless moon goddess) and trying each to control their own fate?

Sarah Wallis (she/her) is a poet and playwright based in Scotland, UK. In the last year her work has appeared among other places  at Trampset, Ellipsis, Lunate and Abridged (Nyx issue) online and in print journals Finished Creatures (Stranger issue) and The Alchemy Spoon (Metal issue). A chapbook, Medusa Retold, is available from @fly_press and she tweets @wordweave.

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